A Brief Introduction

This is my first entry to Digaholics. I realize the audience I’m reaching at this moment includes only a handful of friends, all of whom are vaguely aware of my intentions in making this blog. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to briefly explain to my budding audience the structure I will adhere to as I produce content for Digaholics.

What not to expect?

Do not expect an extensive collection of album reviews, opinion pieces, and other written content. Too many music blogs already exist that provide such informative and instructive content. This is not to say I have an issue with blogs and websites that principally supply their audiences with written material. In fact, I believe we need curators to interpret trends in music and direct us to worthwhile releases. If I were to create a blog with an emphasis on written material, however, I would not be contributing to the online music community in any original or useful way. (Pitchfork, Hip Hop DX, and Werner von Wallenrod’s are all excellent sources of written material.)

What to expect?

 Music blogs with download links are on the verge of extinction. Many listeners are satisfied to stream their music, while uploading sites face a barrage of attacks with increasing regularity. As a result of these intertwining trends, the selection of music blogs with downloadable content has diminished significantly. I personally owe much of my own taste, collection of rare finds, and quality recordings to music bloggers who consistently uploaded record after record without asking for anything in return.

In this spirit of sharing, I too will give back. This does not mean I will be posting download links to full-length albums, as this could probably get me into some hot water. I will, however, make a series of compilations, which will obviously include full songs. I have no intention of making money off of these compilations. They are intended only for the enjoyment of visitors to my blog.

I would be remiss not to mention Ivan, at Hip Hop Is Read, for inspiring me to create a music blog with original compilations serving as my primary form of content. He too provides his listeners with well-organized compilations. I do not wish to compete directly with Ivan or anyone else for an audience. Instead, I rather have Digaholics serve as a complimentary source of material for anyone who digs virtually and is looking to add to their library or expand their knowledge.


For more information, please click the “About” tab located at the top of the homepage.


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