The Vinyl Reanimators

The Vinyl Reanimators are a production trio consisting of Joe Mansfield, DJ Shame, and Sean C. All three members are originally from Massachusetts, although DJ Shame and Sean C moved to Brooklyn in 1995 to pursue their passion for hip-hop. The Vinyl Reanimators do not boast a large catalogue of production credits, however, in the 1990s they provided smooth production for several underground artists from Massachusetts. DJ Shame produced Jungles of Da East by Scientifik and Joe Mansfield made significant contributions Ed O.G.’s discography. In the mid to late 90s, The Vinyl Reanimators recorded and distributed a series of white label remixes. Many of these releases aren’t even listed on Discogs, because so few copies were originally pressed. In addition to the obscurity of the trio’s recordings, the quality and consistency of their production is what makes The Vinyl Reanimators so intriguing.


A few of my favorite releases:

The Vinyl Reanimators – Sampler ’97 #1[12″]

The Vinyl Reanimators – White Sampler #1 [12″]

The Vinyl Reanimators – Vinyl Reanimators EP [12″]

Ed O.G. – Six Song EP [12″]

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Acting

L. The Headtoucha – Too Complex / It’s Your Life [12″]

L. The Headtoucha – The 1997-1998 Demos EP [12″]








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